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Practical Wisdom: Developing confidence in complex situations

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By: Damian Roland

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As part of my PhD, I assessed junior doctors perception of the terms “confidence” and “competence.” One of the themes that emerged was the challenge a junior learner has in assessing their own diagnostic accuracy for a particular clinical situation. It is much easier to make self-judgements on technical skills because they tend to be binary and unambiguous in their application (e.g., whether a cannula is inserted or not.)  A decision-making process, on the other hand, which is dependent on a number of variables, requires a

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FOAM and the Rhizome: An interconnected, non-hierarchical approach to MedEd

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The third in a series of blogs for the International Clinician Educators Network I have written with Daniel Cabrera. It very much starts to give a theoretical underpinning to the my “Path to FOAM” diagram (although I didn’t realise at the time it had any at all!)
For those in the #FOAMed community hope it provides some food for thought…

ICE Blog

(From the EiC: This is the third post in a series.  Part 1 looked at how we structure knowledgePart 2 looked at a how complexity and systems influence learning. This post uses the Free Open Access Medical Education movement as a case study for rhizomatic learning.)

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